Purple Potting Shed
& Stephanie Davidson

Hello gardeners, gardener wanna-be’s, garden appreciators and garden inspiration seekers!

I have gardened with passion for over 20 years – on balconies, in small yards, large yards and now on 10 acres in Uxbridge, Ontario.  It’s all been a blast and thanks to much experimenting, a grand learning experience too!

My endeavour is to spread the joy of gardening, to engage you in the experience of the garden.  You may decide to plant a few pots, or tend a patch of earth so you can explore, experiment, and love a garden of your own!  I look forward to sharing a joyful approach to gardening, a little outdoor inspiration and some seeds for thought.  Gardens make the world a better place.

I love: sun warmed tomatoes, pink petals, bare feet on moss, warm damp earth, shades of green, dewdrops on leaves, frost melting in the morning sun, dappled sunlight, explosive colour, riotous blooms, calm, sparkle, scents of marigold, lavender, mint, lemon balm, silkiness of fresh lettuce, rustling grass, pale green shoots and more and more and more – the anticipation, the wonder, the harvest.


Note - All the photos for the blog and website have been taken in my treasured garden.