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Watering Cans

I cannot recall a gardener that doesn’t love watering cans.  Vessels that disperse life giving water supplement the garden in function and in form.  Many of my functional watering cans start out doing big work, and then over the years retire to my rusted and vintage collection, to perch in quiet vignettes accompanying a birdhouse or some pots.  The famous steadfast Haws watering can above (in red) may stay functionally elegant forever.  Some vintage cans I picked up at auction were never operative in my garden, but they add richness, character, and interest, carrying spirits of gardens past, and they deserve a restful home!  Of course watering cans can also add a splash of colour, or a quaint message.  The copper ‘goddess pitcher’ as I call it, is included above as a non-traditional watering can - how peaceful and poetic to dip it into the rain barrel and wander about the garden offering drinks here and there.    

Posted on February 27, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.