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Showy Spheres

Globe thistle's bristling balls of purple-blue are all show - only prickly in appearance but not to touch. The showy spheres bloom mid-summer into fall, then grey into winter interest. The wealth of pointed green leaves give rise to upright stalky stems, for back of border height.  These cool blooms are a favourite complement to hotter summer and fall blooming companions.  An easy, drought tolerant perennial!   

Technical stuff – Globe thistle/Echinops, hardy perennial to zone 3, height of 2' - 4' and spread of 1' - 2', full sun, blooms mid-summer into fall, drought tolerant, does come in a white blooming version too.

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Miss Daisy

On this sparkling frosty morn, I am thinking of daisies...

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Enter Cosmos

Cosmos are a regular annual in my garden - I don’t go a year without them!  Their bright, clear blooms are a dependable and cheerful addition.  I pop in seeds once risk of frost has passed, or pick up cell packs of starter plants to get a jump start on blooms (or you can start inside 4-6 wks ahead of last frost).  Blooms can be single or double, and are traditionally pink, white or red, but there are now varieties with orange or yellow.  I somehow did not plant any white cosmos this year, and am missing their pure pearly show.     

Technical stuff – Cosmos, herbaceous annual, height of 18”-60”+ (dwarf and tall varieties), full sun, blooms summer into fall, wonderful cut flower and attracts bees and butterflies.

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Another Parade

A single bloom of coneflower can hold me entranced.  The spiky dome center, the steadfast petals – a truly strong bloom.  And such a range of colours, from swan white to candy pink to sunniest orange to festive red and of course the traditional purple, plus more to collect.  Yet another parade of glorious summer colour!  Read more about coneflowers (Echinacea) by clicking here

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The Parade

Leaving you a parade of daylilies to enjoy over the long weekend - yes, they are all blooming now!

Read more about daylilies by clicking here.

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Basking In The Sun

The iconic sunflower is blooming now.  As the name implies, sunflowers love sun, wanting full sun all or most of the day, and loving long hot summers.  This drought tolerant annual is basking in our current heat wave, with rich, golden petals blazing.  There are many varieties of sunflowers, ranging in height and colour.  These beauties self-seeded from the bird feeder, popping up in my garden at their own discretion! 

Technical stuff – Sunflower/Helianthus, annual flower usually planted from seed after danger of frost, height of 2’ to 10’ or even up to 15’ depending on variety, full sun, blooms in summer. 

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Dog Days

The dog days of summer with heat and dry gardens have arrived, and so peaks my admiration and affection for drought tolerant perennials.  Yarrow is one of those tough performers whose glorious blooms exalt in the hot sun.  Yarrow offers a varied palette from golden yellow and juicy cerise, to pretty in pink.  I love the new ‘Apple Blossom’ and ‘Saucy Seduction’ planted last year.  Read more about yarrow by clicking here.

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Fancy Rudbeckia

Be it clear golden, chocolate brown or shades of russet – these ‘fancy’ rudbeckia add spice and flare to the garden.  These are Rudbeckia hirta, or fancy rudbeckia as I call them.  Unlike regular rudbeckia they are a short lived perennial, with cultivars like Prairie Sun, Toto Rustic and Cappuccino as above that offer a range of colours.  I plant these here and there through the perennial beds for fantastic blooms!  Read more about regular rudbeckia by clicking here

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Luscious Red

These luscious blooms opened in our last few days of summer heat.  The deep red captures and holds you in its presence, so you just have to appreciate its beauty!  Many of my lilies were taken out by the lily beetle several years ago, but this one triumphantly lives on.  Read more about Asiatic lilies by clicking here.

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Sweet Rose

This endearing shrub rose is just outside a window, and is always in view.  It gifts me with candy pink blooms right til frost.  The ‘bloom cycle’ fascinates me as each fetching blossom moves from graceful bud, to silky petals unfolding, to fragrant perfection to overblown frothy and fluffy.   

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Colour Craving?

The parade of daylilies is in full swing!  They are extra extravagant with bounteous blooms this year thanks to the rains we’ve had.  Satisfy your colour craving with creamy or citrus yellow, vivacious orange, rich rouge or rosy pink – daylilies come in a decadent array of choices.  You can also indulge in textures of velvet, rumpled, frilled or silky smooth.  This favourite perennial is a low maintenance staple in my garden.  Read more detail by clicking here.     

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Overflowing Blooms

Whether you call them evening primrose, sundrops or the proper Oenothera, this easy care perennial overflows with golden blooms!  The profuse four-petal blossoms in their vivid yellow hue are reminiscent of buttercups, but larger and more decadent.  These lovelies have been blooming 4+ weeks and are still going strong.  Be cautioned that this beauty is a spreader – read more about sundrops by clicking here.       

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Bands Of Brilliance

The fiesta of colour that is blanket flower (Gaillardia) has begun!  The gentle grey-green foliage is loaded with blooms and buds, and more buds to come that will carry right into frosty fall.  This feisty perennial is often short lived, but randomly and socially self-seeds to weave its bands of brilliance through the garden.  It even pops up from hardened soil between stepping stones.  With circles of fierce red to coral to orange and golden yellow, these sun-loving hot blooms add flare and sensation!  Read more about Gaillardia by clicking here

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Canterbury Bells

This extravagant campanula never fails to impress.  The royal purple cups, with a sprinkling of golden pollen, glow in the sun.  The stalky stems are stacked with dazzling blooms.  The double form is resplendent in rich ruffles.  While there are pink and white varieties, this splashy purple is my favourite.  Read about another favourite campanula by clicking here.

Technical stuff – Canterbury bells/Campanula medium, hardy biennial to zone 4, height and spread of 24”+, full sun, blooms early summer.   

Posted on July 6, 2015 and filed under Perennials.

Buttercup, Buttercup...

My absolute favourite name for a flower is buttercups – it is the perfect fit for this petite but glorious bloom!  What name could be better chosen for wee cup shaped blooms of buttery golden hue?  And each petal has rainbow sheen, reflecting magically in the sun.  Slender stems reach skyward, dancing above fancy cut leaves.  This native wildflower grows in meadows and fields, and can also pop up in your garden.  Do you consider it a weed or a gift of extra sunny blooms?  If you didn’t know this plant already, would you buy it as a perennial?

Technical stuff – Buttercups/Ranunculus acris, native perennial wildflower, height of 24”-36” and spread of about 20”, part sun to full sun, prefers well drained soil, summer bloomer.      

Posted on July 3, 2015 and filed under Perennials.

Pincushion Flower

Thinking ahead to summer and blooms to come!  This sweet little perennial is an easy addition to the garden mix with the reward of long blooming, enchanting blossoms.  Scabiosa gets the common name of pincushion flower as the blooms resemble small pincushions.  You can choose from mauve, blue, pink or white.  The pom-pom rosettes dance on single stems with an ethereal, airy feel.  The buds are like a beaded broach.  The foliage grows in clumps of narrow mid-green leaves, and this smaller perennial has more impact when a few plants are grouped together.

Technical stuff – Pincushion flower/Scabiosa, hardy perennial to zone 4, height and spread of 12”-24”, prefers full sun and good drainage, blooms summer into fall.

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Singing The Blues

These blue beauties inspire societies, designers and parties, and they enthrall and exasperate gardeners.  Delphinium, commonly called larkspur, are possibly the most famous, the royal standard, in the English cottage garden.  Their extravagant and elegant blue spires rise from a mound of soft green.  The ruffled layers of blue petals entrance like Cinderella’s skirts, as if mini sheaths of the bluest sky have dropped to the earth.  However these blue jewels come at a cost - delphiniums are particular with a long list of demands:  they like full sun but not our hot, humid summers, they prefer what I consider elusive ‘moist, well drained’ soil, they are big feeders, and their tall hollow stems need wind protection and/or staking.  I plant delphiniums like an annual, since they tend to be short lived anyway, then dose them with regular watering and twice a season applications of composted manure.  Delphiniums are an indulgence in a large, low maintenance garden like mine, but I am unable to resist the call of the blue!      

Technical stuff – Larkspur/Delphinium, hardy perennial to zone 3, height  of about 36” with variance in height depending on species, dwarf varieties available, spread of 12”-36”, full sun, blooms in early summer, comes in blue, purple, pink, or white, but blue is the cat’s meow!    

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Easter Buttercups

If I had the chance to give this perennial a new common name, I would choose Easter buttercups!  Oenothera macrocarpa, also commonly called evening primrose, has showy, cupped blossoms typically in buttercup yellow, but I also have a blushing pink version.  The medium green, lance shaped leaves give background on meandering stems that culminate in vivacious blooms.  This species of evening primrose mixes well with ground cover sedums and thymes in a rock garden, offering variance in foliage texture, and the surprise of large, luxurious blooms.  Read more about evening primrose by clicking here.   

Technical stuff – Evening primrose/Oenothera macrocarpa, hardy perennial to zone 4, height and spread of 6”-12”, prefers full sun, blooms in summer. 

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Wildflower In The Cottage Garden

Yarrow is a breezy, bountiful bloomer that brings a striking assortment of colour to the sunny side of the garden.  Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium, comes in shades of pink, apricot, mauve, red, white or yellow.  It has a delightful habit of blooming one colour, then aging to softer, faded pastels.  The feathery foliage can be vivid green or silvery grey depending on the cultivar.  Yarrow’s amiable wildflower quality, with swaying informal stems, is most suited to a cottage style garden.  This vigorous perennial that can be cut back before blooming in spring for a bushier habit, or can be cut back after bloom, for a fresh flush of ferny green and continued bloom.  Deadheading also makes for more blossoms, as does cutting for bouquets.  There are many cultivars available, with some of my favourites including: deep pink ‘Cerise Queen’, purple-y pink ‘Saucy Seduction’, soft pink ‘Apple Blossom’, coral pink ‘Paprika’, or the popular ‘Moonshine’ that serves up platters of gleaming golden blooms atop grey-green foliage.  Common yarrow is a native wildflower for North America – a smaller version than cultivated yarrow, but with the same fern-like greenery capped with flat clusters of white bloom.        

Technical stuff – Yarrow/Achillea millefolium, hardy perennial to zone 3, height and spread of 18”-24” or taller if happy, full sun, well-drained soil, drought tolerant, blooms summer into fall.

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Beauteous Buds And Blooms

Tropical foliage, decadent plumes of bloom and minimal maintenance, are the priority attributes of false spirea, or Sorbaria sorbifolia.  My favourite aspect of this deciduous shrub is when the beaded clusters of pearly buds are just beginning to burst into billowy, frothy, beauteous sprays of bloom.  The arching, red tone branches carry soft, fluttering fronds in luscious green.  The fluffy blooms will brown and dry into seed heads that I leave over the winter, then cut back in spring.  This sprawling shrub is best suited where it has room to grow as its suckering habit can be invasive.  You can cut this shrub right back to the ground in the spring if you’re looking for a fresh beginning (and this will diminish the suckering).  False spirea is a remarkably durable and tolerant shrub considering its exotic features that provide interest in every season.    

Technical stuff – False spirea/Sorbaria sorbifolia, hardy deciduous shrub to zone 3,  height and spread of 5’-8’,  fall sun to part shade, adaptable to soil, blooms in summer.

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