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Magic Beans

The miracle of a little seed that grows into a plant.  I am not devout about collecting seeds, but I do have some easy to collect (and grow!) favourites - morning glory seeds, calendula seeds, and my most beloved seed is the scarlet runner bean.  This is an annual vine that grows easily and quickly, has vibrant scarlet flowers that turn into edible beans, and if you don’t pick them to eat, you have wondrous pods that dry into treasured little envelopes that hold ‘magic beans’.  I tell my son they are magic beans, and it is believable when you open a crackly, dry pod to find lustrous blue back beans with hot pink stripy swirls.  And he can save them until the spring when we will plant those gorgeous beans and magically get a lovely vine with scarlet flowers and it starts all over……

Posted on November 15, 2013 and filed under Harvest.