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Trip To The Candy Store!

A trip to garden centers or nurseries for the gardener is like going to the candy store!  I am very, very spoiled in my area for amazing garden centers with captivating selection.  A mixed bag came home this week as I fill in gaps in the veggie garden, continue container planting, and replace a few perennials in tough spots.  The first trip included the workhorse perennial yarrow (achillea) for a couple of dry, sandy spots near the mailbox; it is a new-to-me yarrow called ‘apple blossom’ with pale pink blooms.  Another purchase to ground cover a dry spot with some velvety brightness was artemisia ‘silver brocade’.  And I couldn’t resist one of the new ‘Oso Easy’ roses in ‘paprika’ - need to test if they prove to their promise of being abundant long bloomers, disease resistant, and not requiring pruning or deadheading.  The next greenhouse stop yielded a tray with ‘wild frills’ and ‘dwarf blue curled’ kale, curly parsley to snack on at the garden gate, a couple of 'San Marzan'o tomatoes for my sauce making, and ‘mini bell’ and ‘lipstick’ pepper plants.  Also had to add a sweet deep purple oxalis to pop into a container.  The last stop brought home an ‘Amish paste’ tomato, and a ‘brandywine’ tomato to finally finish off the veggie garden, plus a few herbs for containers: ‘rex’ rosemary, ‘tuscan blue’ rosemary and variegated peppermint.  I plant many herbs in pots, especially if they are crazy invasive like mints.  Lastly I added three scented geraniums, also for pots, with ‘rose geranium’ being an all-time favourite – the scent is heavenly!  I hope you get a trip to the candy store this weekend and I would love to know what makes it into your shopping basket!



Posted on June 6, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.