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Shaggy Manes

In the damp paths of our forest, we often get patches of mushrooms, and some of them are like creatures from the deep!  But the last few years, on a mulched side path in the garden, a desirable, edible mushroom has joined the party.  This whitish, oblong mushroom with soft, cowlick flaps is a Shaggy Mane.  I am not a mushroom picker (yet), but was tempted this year to try this supposed culinary treat.  However, you can’t consider the temptation too long, as within a day or two Shaggy Manes darken to grey then wet black, rolling up their fleshy ovals into an inky umbrella that does not look appetizing.  Shaggy Manes are part of the ‘Inky Caps’ family.  They are an edible mushroom but deteriorate quickly, needing to be picked at their prime and eaten the same day.  Maybe next year I will decide fast enough.


Posted on October 13, 2014 and filed under Harvest.