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Apple Blossoms

How glorious the pageantry of white-blushing-pink apple blossoms!  And the exquisite fragrance intermingles with lilacs and lily of the valley…gorgeous, sumptuous, rapturous spring!

Posted on May 22, 2015 and filed under Trees.

The Perfect Leaf

You cannot deny the glory of our Canadian maples. Celebrate their regal and graceful form, their radiant varied colours, and their monumental leaf shape that is close to our hearts.  Our most cherished symbol of autumn in Canada is the crimson maple leaf.  This weekend take the opportunity to make a leaf collection - search for the perfect leaf, or the not so perfect leaf, that makes you smile!

Posted on October 26, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Trees.

Breathtaking Branches

I do get carried away with perennial blooms, but branches can be just as breathtaking, especially in spring!  The cup-like new leaves of hydrangea embrace pending new growth inside.  'Golden Flame' spirea dutifully sprouts new growth in fire red, easing to tangerine, golden and then fresh green. The pea shrub offers tight green bundles that unfold to dainty green foliage.  'Coppertina' ninebark has a surreal glow of auburn with hits of orange, creeping into green-purple at its frilled edges.  The lemon lime combo in 'Monet' weigela offers citrusy freshness.  Elegant dogwood in pointed green and white that juxtaposes to its blood red stems.  Branches with buds – the famous pink tinged apple blossom, a simple white plum blossom, or cascading, luscious flowering quince – just enrich the experience and express the hope of spring.  Shrubs and trees are the bones, and can easily be the beauty, in the garden!



Posted on May 24, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Trees, Shrubs.