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Garden Icon

As I start untucking containers, I pause to reflect on the simple terra cotta garden pot.  In its traditional form and colour, it is a garden icon.  Every year I cannot resist the temptation to plant classic geraniums in a terra cotta pot – there is no easier way to bring Italy to my doorstep.  The rusty cinnamon colour is the perfect backdrop, mixing well with many containers for an eclectic display.  Terra cotta is porous clay allowing plant roots to breathe, and it resists overwatering.  These pots are inexpensive and easily accessible, making a collection of different sizes and shapes readily available.  If you soak the pot in water before planting, it won’t draw moisture away from the new soil (prevents that open trench around the outside of the pot after planting).  Terra cotta has an old world charm that gets better with age.  You can create that aged green patina sooner by applying yogurt or buttermilk , preferably in splotches, and then leaving the pot in moist shade for about 4 weeks.  Downside of terra cotta is that these pots are heavy, breakable and can’t overwinter, but that’s not enough to keep them out of my ‘pot gardens’!



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The Right Tool

I am most fortunate to have a husband that can renovate, repair and build, and thus he appreciates the value of good tools – ‘you need to have the right tool for the job’.  He has gifted me many precious garden tools over the years, and now I also greatly appreciate the value of the right tool!   In case you need an idea for yourself or a gardener on your Christmas list, these are three of my favourite garden tools:  perennial spade, hori hori knife and bulb dibber.  The perennial spade is just short of 2’ in length with a pointed 5” x 5 ½” blade.  It is easy to manage, can dig perfect planting holes for small to mid-size perennials, and wonderfully splits roots.  The hori hori knife is also a multi-tasker - perfect for popping out weeds with roots in tact, and for splitting small but tough perennials.  The bulb dibber is an age-old tool that can’t be beat for planting small bulbs, which I do a lot of!  If you have any trouble finding them, these are all available at Lee Valley.

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