Buttercup, Buttercup...

My absolute favourite name for a flower is buttercups – it is the perfect fit for this petite but glorious bloom!  What name could be better chosen for wee cup shaped blooms of buttery golden hue?  And each petal has rainbow sheen, reflecting magically in the sun.  Slender stems reach skyward, dancing above fancy cut leaves.  This native wildflower grows in meadows and fields, and can also pop up in your garden.  Do you consider it a weed or a gift of extra sunny blooms?  If you didn’t know this plant already, would you buy it as a perennial?

Technical stuff – Buttercups/Ranunculus acris, native perennial wildflower, height of 24”-36” and spread of about 20”, part sun to full sun, prefers well drained soil, summer bloomer.      

Posted on July 3, 2015 and filed under Perennials.