True Blue

Be it true blue, or pink, yellow, orange, red, purple or white – hyacinth will satisfy your colour craving!  And the divine perfume of hyacinth is one of the joys of spring, whether you get down on hands and knees to drink in the tantalizing fragrance straight from the bloom, or bask in the wafts of scent drifting on the spring breeze.  The stalky cone clusters with rows of trumpet blooms, emerge from wide blades of bright green.  Like all flowering bulbs, once the flowers have browned cut them back, but leave the foliage to feed the bulbs for next year’s show.

Technical stuff – Hyacinth/Hyacinthus orientalis, bulbous perennial hardy to zone 4, height of about 10” and spread of about 3”, full or part sun, like all bulbs appreciates good drainage, plants bulbs in the fall for blooms in spring.

Posted on May 12, 2015 and filed under Perennials.