Pincushion Flower

Thinking ahead to summer and blooms to come!  This sweet little perennial is an easy addition to the garden mix with the reward of long blooming, enchanting blossoms.  Scabiosa gets the common name of pincushion flower as the blooms resemble small pincushions.  You can choose from mauve, blue, pink or white.  The pom-pom rosettes dance on single stems with an ethereal, airy feel.  The buds are like a beaded broach.  The foliage grows in clumps of narrow mid-green leaves, and this smaller perennial has more impact when a few plants are grouped together.

Technical stuff – Pincushion flower/Scabiosa, hardy perennial to zone 4, height and spread of 12”-24”, prefers full sun and good drainage, blooms summer into fall.

Posted on April 24, 2015 and filed under Perennials.