Sumptuous Creamy Blooms

This happy, low maintenance shrub presents a splashy spring show year after year.  Wayfaring tree as it is commonly known, or Viburnum lantana, can grow to 10’ tall with multiple branches forming a somewhat round shape.  It requires pruning only of damaged or unwanted branches, or you may (or may not!) choose to clean it up a little after blooming.  The pointed leaves are a downy matte green with well pronounced veins, giving them the typical viburnum leathery appearance.  Late spring brings splendour as sumptuous creamy blooms adorn the textured foliage.  Despite the common name, Wayfaring tree is considered a shrub, albeit a large one – if you have space, an easy shrub with a beauteous spring show and super attractive foliage!     

Technical stuff – Wayfaring tree/Viburnum lantana, deciduous shrub hardy to zone 3, height and spread of about 10’, full to part sun, adaptable and vigorous, white blooms in late spring.

Posted on February 25, 2015 and filed under Shrubs.