Ample Blooming

The thread leaf version of tickseed (Coreopsis) is the same easy going, ample blooming, bright and cheerful addition to the garden!  The differences to lance leaf tickseed include – foliage of course, bloom size, bloom colour options, and height.  The fine ferny foliage has soft needle-like leaves, and doesn’t grow as tall.  The blooms are petite copies of the effervescent daisy blooms, coming in a wider colour array that includes shades of yellow, pink, orange, coral and red or wine.  ‘Moonbeam’ above is a lemony-yellow tickseed that is on many favourite perennial lists.  And ‘Route 66’ above has a burnished bloom of golden smudged maroon, or maroon smudged golden!  I have also planted pots with tickseed beyond my zone, like the velvety wine edition above. 

Technical stuff – Tickseed/Coreopsis verticillata, hardy perennial to zone 4 but check labels as hardiness varies, height and spread of 12 -18”, full sun, blooms early summer to early fall.

Posted on February 2, 2015 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials.