The Tease

It is said there is only one reason to grow flowering quince (Chaenomeles): for its spectacular spring show of flowers, and oh, what a show!  Whether red, pink, white or orange, its branches cascade in fluffy, exotic blooms.  The buds line up like beads and burst into five-petal satin cups.  The blooms do resemble fruit blossoms that will turn into mini apple-like fruits, not edible raw, but it is possible to make preserves.  Flowering quince does have secondary attributes of glossy dark green foliage, and en masse can make a thorny privacy hedge that explodes in spring bloom (without pruning, flowering quince can become a large, tangled shrub).  With my soft spot for orange-coral blooms, this shrub charmed itself into a home in my garden.  For a small garden, I would choose a shrub with multi season interest over the tease of a flowering quince. 

Technical stuff – Flowering quince/Chaenomeles, deciduous shrub hardy to zone 4, japonica has height and spread of about 3’, and speciosa has height of up to 10’ and spread of up to 15’, full sun for best flowering but can do part shade, blooms in spring.

Posted on January 7, 2015 and filed under Shrubs.