Buttery Rich

The profuse blooms of tickseed, or Coreopsis, grow into their own happy bouquet in the summer garden.  Classic tickseed has buttery rich, golden flowers that can be single or fluffy double.  New cultivars have stains of crimson, rust or red (like ‘Domino’ above).  The long, medium-green leaves grow in clumps, sprouting slender graceful stems to carry the plump buds and blooms.  This easy care perennial is heat and drought tolerant, loving a sunny bed.  Tickseed will bloom early summer into fall, but does take some effort to keep the constant blooms deadheaded.  The bright blossoms work well with purples like perennial sage, balloon flower, or with purple sand cherry as a backdrop.  There is also a thread leaf version of tickseed, more on that in the next post! 

Technical stuff – Tickseed/Coreopsis lanceolata, hardy perennial to zone 4, height of 24-30" and spread of about 24”, full sun, blooms early summer to early fall,  'lance leaf' and 'thread leaf' versions.

Posted on January 30, 2015 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials.