The Garden is White

I feel lacking in my snow photos this winter.  Usually we have had several deep, fluffy dumps of snow to provide much fodder for pretty pictures.  This year we are light on the snow – the garden is white, but with no depth.  And we have had cold temps, so hang in there dear garden that I know prefers a protective thick blanket.  I always leave a good amount of standing perennials for interest.  Their structure gives the snow a place to settle; their colour gives contrast to stark, cold white; their height adds dimension and interest.  Not to mention being great bird perches and food sources.  This year’s fine crystal snow has sifted and sprinkled through the garden.  The grey disc bloom of yarrow holds snow like a palm.  A spiky coneflower seed head stands to attention with its pearly cap.  Autumn Joy sedum still puts on a show with textured cinnamon brown capturing icy white.  The skeleton of a Chinese lantern hides its orange fruit beneath white frosting.  And thank goodness for our evergreens like this nest spruce, adding green even if it is decorated with lacy white.   

Posted on January 28, 2015 and filed under Inspiration.