Makes Me Smile

Certainly plants are the best part of the garden, but ornamentation adds interest, surprise, texture, contrast to make the experience even richer.  Above are some of my cherished ornamental additions.  My gentle mama bird in quiet cream nestles in a part shade bed, often with some rounded stone eggs nearby.  Each season she adopts a bit more green smudge from the garden.  The romantic dancing couple in rugged concrete seem to twirl amongst the hostas (both of these sculptures are by the amazing Paul Chester,  Any fairy that rides a turtle and blows kisses has a home in my garden.  And this rusty red sprite has traveled from ground to post to terra cotta pot depending on the year (from another awesome artist, Jean Pierre Schoss,  So much personality in crazy hair, dancing arms and curly toes, always makes me smile – and that is the key to garden decoration!  Check out more ideas here and here.

Posted on January 26, 2015 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.