Blushed Or Bedazzled

The enchanting and elegant blooms of hellebore are a highly anticipated part of early spring.  To see those nodding, fairy blooms when the snow is still melting lifts your heart.  Helleborus is commonly called hellebore, latent rose, Christmas rose or winter rose.  This shade lover craves a woodland setting and blooms in an abundance of colours including shades of white, cream, yellow, green, pink, purple and red.  The cupped blooms may be solid, blushed, or bedazzled with speckles, stripes or tints.  Several of the long lasting blooms age from one colour to another.  Hellebores have become popular in the last few years with tempting new offerings.  My favourite addition to my garden last year was ‘Red Racer’ – a saturated scarlet red bloomer.  The handsome evergreen foliage is glossy deep green, mixing wonderfully with hostas, coral bells, brunnera and other shade charmers.  This is a perennial I could not do without in my garden!

See hellebore buds by clicking here.

Technical stuff – Hellebore/Helleborus, hardy perennial most to zone 5, most with height and spread of 12”-18”, full to part shade, blooms early spring.

Posted on January 23, 2015 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials.