Gem Of A Bellfower

There are many kinds of Campanula, commonly called bellflower, and I have yet to plant one I didn’t like.  Campanulas are often mixed in with the cheap perennials at the big box stores: white clips, blue clips, clustered bellflower, maybe even Canterbury bells if you’re lucky.  I don’t remember where I picked up this gem called Campanula persicifolia, or double bellflower.  It was a showstopper, like a quaint bridal bouquet, an English cottage garden and a cross of sweet roses and blue delphiniums all rolled into one.  The plump, lavender-blue blossoms had creamy tendrils at their centers, with just a dash of saffron.  Their multi layered decadence was held upright on tall stems to form their own nodding bouquet cluster, which lasted for weeks – and so many photos were taken!

Technical stuff – Double campanula/Campanula persicifolia, easy perennial to zone 4, height of about 20” and spread of 12”, full to part sun, blue blooms in early to late summer.

Posted on January 14, 2015 and filed under Perennials.