Stellar Foliage

Stellar foliage, chartreuse blooms and being super easy to grow earns this perennial a spot on my cherished ‘garden staples’ list.  Its magical leaves start as wee ruffled bundles that unfold to gently frilled scallops in luxuriant green with a soft velvet finish.  Lady’s mantle is most refuted for capturing and holding dewdrops like glistening jewels (read more on that here).  The mounding form softens any garden design, adding green calm and lushness.  In late spring the lacy clusters of yellow green flowers are perfect for cutting.  And since lady’s mantle can be a rampant self-seeder, you don’t feel guilty snipping away.  Lady’s mantle is flexible in siting – in my garden I have it anywhere from full sun to shade, though it prefers and performs best in part shade. 

Technical stuff – Lady’s mantle/Alchemilla, hardy perennial to zone 3, about 300 species, Alchemilla mollis being the most popular with height of 10”-18” and spread of 18”-24”, prefers part shade and moist soil but quite adaptable, blooms late spring into summer, can be invasive in preferred conditions if allowed to self-seed.  Alpine lady’s mantle/Alchemilla alpina only grows 6”-8” tall and is a beauty for rock gardens.

Posted on December 6, 2014 and filed under Perennials, Staple perennial.