Heat In The Garden

The colder temperatures outside give me a pining for heat in the garden.  The spicy blooms of crocosmia offer glowing warmth with sprays of intense crimson.  Their gleaming mini lily blooms are like hot coals with hints of orange and gold.  The sword-like leaf blades provide contrasting dramatic spikes to the perennial mix.  Wiry, sturdy stems arch in the breeze to serve their striking late summer blooms.  Not all cultivars are hardy to zone 5, so read labels or commit to digging and bringing in the corms as you would with gladiolas.  Crocosmia Lucifer is hardy to zone 5, and has the lust worthy ruby blooms. 

Technical stuff – Crocosmia, Crocosmia Lucifer is a hardy perennial to zone 5 with height of about 36” and spread of about 24”, prefers full sun, blooms late summer, hardiness varies by cultivar, also comes in orange and yellow blooms.

Posted on December 4, 2014 and filed under Perennials.