Capturing Sunshine

I think of golden marguerite as a social flower, with flirtatious blooms at the end of long slender stems that intermingle with other garden blooms.  Clumps of lacy fern-like leaves punctuate my perennials, as marguerites do gently self-seed.  This tough, drought hardy fighter soaks up full sun, and can survive in poor soil.  Refuted for long performance, golden marguerite typically blooms profusely from late spring to late summer.  If it gets leggy mid-season, you can sheer back to about 6” for new growth – a good excuse for a dazzling bouquet that captures the sunshine and doles it back out in golden domes with perky petals! 

Technical stuff – Golden Marguerite/Anthemis tinctoria, hardy perennial to zone 3, height and spread of 24-36”, full sun, drought tolerant wanting well drained soil, blooms late spring to late summer.

Posted on December 31, 2014 and filed under Perennials.