Luscious Annual

What could be more extravagant than a flower called a peony poppy!?  Peony poppies (Papaver paeoniflorum) are a luscious annual, more than worth the sprinkling of a seed packet.  These frothy fluffy blooms come in an assortment of colours including reds, corals, pinks, purples, and creams.  Most have purple black stains in the depths of their petals.  The blooms are short lasting, shedding their puffy layers to expose enchanting seed heads with detailed floral caps (read more about their seed heads here).  An abundance of nodding buds will split seductively to carry on the glamorous show.  Sturdy stalks bear gray-green tender leaves as a complementary backdrop.  Scatter the tiny seeds onto loose soil in fall or spring, then gently water in with a little firming by foot.  In my garden peony poppies self-seed freely, popping up here, there and everywhere.  I have small plants with fragile, simple blooms where the seeds land in poor soil, or decadent 5” balls of ruffled bloom where I allowed them to prosper in the veggie garden.  Seed heads will self-seed helter-skelter of their own accord, or collect the dry seed heads to scatter where you would like the following year’s crop. 

Technical stuff – Peony poppies/Papaver paeoniflorum, annual, easy to grow from seed, height of about 24”, prefer full sun, bloom late spring into fall, will self-seed.  

Posted on December 10, 2014 and filed under Annuals.