Fetching In Blue

Darling blue flowers twinkling atop their slender stems of fine foliage – that is blue flax. This sun loving, drought tolerant perennial offers one of the most fetching blues for the garden.  The sun alights on their clear blue blooms and makes the yellow polka dot centers glow.  The upright clumps of swaying slight stems add airy, wispy form.  Blue flax appears sweet and fragile, but try picking a stem and you will be acquainted with the tough fibers that are inherent to the flax family of plants (from which linen is made).  Blue flax comes and goes from the nurseries so can be hard to find some years, though it is also fairly easy to grow from seed.  It is not happy in little overwatered nursery pots, often looking scrappy, but once in a well-drained, sunny site, it will thrive.  Blue flax is a short lived perennial, quite capable of self-seeding, allowing its playful blue to shine on!

Technical stuff – Blue flax/linum perenne, hardy perennial to Zone 5, height and spread of 12” – 18”+, full sun, needs good drainage, drought hardy, flowers late spring into summer, self-seeds but not considered invasive, white blooming ‘alba’ and dwarf varieties available.

Posted on November 8, 2014 and filed under Perennials.