Escape To The Forest

To some, row upon row of stately straight pines is monotonous, but it does not take much effort to find an engaging assortment of textures to enrich your walk.  Footsteps are softened by the layered pine needles, seemingly brown, but on closer inspection also includes green, blonde, and rust.  The needles, expected to be sharp, have dampened and aged to bluntness.  The rough and sculptural pine bark in cinnamon and nutmeg invites you to touch, to flake away a dry layer.  The smooth pink coolness of granite is home to nubbly lichen and tendrils of moss.  The broad felted leaves of mullein splay in fuzzy spendour around their rosette center.  Radiant green stars of moss appearing so prickly up close, are cushy and tender.  Thank you to the forest for giving escape and perspective.

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Posted on November 5, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.