Lots Of Greens

Winter arrangements are now popping up everywhere!  If your time and budget don’t allow for an ornate, detailed approach, don’t be put off – a simple winter bouquet can be just as effective and gorgeous.  The key is lots of greens.  Whatever the size, your container wants to be overflowing and lush.  Varying shades of green offer layers in texture and scent.  Consider cedar, pine, spruce, juniper, boxwood, cotoneaster and more.  This burst of green will warm your entrance with natural, simple elegance!

My arrangement above includes cedar, spruce, pine, cotoneaster, hydrangea, pinecones, russian sage for a little silver, and european snowball berries for a dash of red.  The garden and nature are full of enchanting additions if you venture beyond simple green! 


Posted on November 26, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.