Sizzling Blaze Of Colour

This year I added a stellar new coneflower to my collection – ‘salsa red’.  The vivacious blooms of this baby are a saturated, stunning red.  Not just a splash of a colour, it’s a sizzling blaze of colour!  There’s even more thrill as the opening blooms are white furls with flashes of magenta, that uncurl to the full hot tomato blossoms.  As with all coneflowers, salsa red offers blooms from mid-summer to fall, with chubby domed seed heads for winter interest, and to keep the birds happy.  Salsa red has bonus qualities of sturdy stems, compact bushy form, and lots of buds.  This perennial’s spicy show will kindle warmth in your heart!

Technical stuff – Coneflower/echinacea ‘salsa red’, hardy to zone 4, prefers full sun, height of about 24” and spread of about 20”, scarlet blooms mid-summer to fall with great winter seed heads.  Read more about coneflowers here, and here.

Posted on November 24, 2014 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials.