Exuberant Annual

Subzero temperatures and wind chill give me a craving for warm, sunny blooms!  Calendula satisfies that craving with their vivid, vibrant and vivacious flares of colour.  There are many varieties, coming in double or single blooms that range from straw blonde to citrus yellow, lustrous glowing orange and reaching into shades of apricot or strawberry-pink.  The center buttons accentuate in coppery to mauve or golden tones.  This exuberant annual is super easy to grow from seed, gifting you with blooms until the snow flies.  Often seed packets will contain a mix of colours or a mix of double and single blooms.  Seeds can be planted out once the ground is workable, preferring a sun or part sun site with average soil and water.  They also make an effective container and cut flower.  Their common name is ‘pot marigold’ though they are actually part of the daisy family, which you might guess as they are remindful of gerbera daisies.  Calendula is capable of self seeding (not invasive), and the seeds are easy to collect for re-planting (click here to read more on seed collecting).  Calendula petals magically capture sunshine for an animated glow, making them one of my favourite annuals!

Technical stuff – Calendula/pot marigold, flowering annual for sun or part sun, direct sow seeds once ground is workable or anytime in spring (once planted, about 8 weeks until blooming), up to 12”-18” high depending on variety, can be pinched back for bushier growth, great cut flower or container option.

Posted on November 18, 2014 and filed under Annuals.