Welcome November

An early dump of snow is always a shock. I have been haphazardly working away at tucking in pots, pulling in plants, clean up here and there, and then overnight, my pie pumpkins on the deck are well buried in snow!  Snow isn't damaging like a hard frost; snow is a warm blanket that will melt softly into the soil.  It is odd though to see white clumped on lively green leaves like the weigela below – a juxtaposition of seasons.  The contrast of autumn crimson leaves to stark white snow is exquisite and unsettling at the same time.  On the verandah, pots of annuals are more protected with just a frosting on their fragile blooms.  But a pot of lavender got a full dose of fluffy white!  Unsettling or not, snow does change the garden scene to classic ‘winter wonderland’, that hopefully will be melted by tomorrow.

Posted on November 2, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.