Pudgy Globes Of Orange

Roly poly, chubby, orange pumpkins are a jolly welcome addition to this time of year! I grow mostly pie pumpkins - cute little pumpkins with meaty, sweet flesh that I bake and then freeze up for a winter of muffins, pies and soups.  These harvested pumpkins are now sunbathing on the south facing deck for continued ripening.  White, green, or warty ghoulish pumpkins are all the rage.  This year I grew a very fun batch of gray-green pumpkins with orange spots.  Growing pumpkins requires plenty of sprawling space, full sun and they’re big feeders, preferring rich soil with lots of compost.  But if you haven’t the space, you can find these pudgy globes of orange at most any store – a classic celebration and decoration of fall!

Posted on October 28, 2014 and filed under Harvest, Inspiration.