Supporting Characters

The myriad of fall colour dazzles, inspires, exhilarates and fascinates.  There are many supporting characters in autumn’s grand show.  Perennials continue rewarding with splendid foliage as below:  balloon flower in lemon yellow, rudbeckia in green to pink, and sundrops in tarnished maroon.  Many shrubs transform into an array of spectacular pinks, reds, corals, oranges and golds.  The hazel below adds tarnished golden yellow to brighten the shade garden.  Abelia displays in heated vermilion, hosting starry clusters of spent blooms.  With berries like ruby beads, barberry branches burst with burgundy wine and coral red.  Blackberry canes in magnificent mauve carry ridged leaves in pink and lime.  The leaves of pagoda dogwood gradate from green to magenta, and fothergilla celebrates in crimson and coral.  But winds have begun, rain has come and the leaves are floating down, tumbling and layering.  Those leaves are great mulch - chop them up with the lawn mower, or bag them to hide away in a corner to rot into compost over a year or two.

Posted on October 23, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Shrubs.