Aging Petals

There is a fragile quality to late fall blossoms.   Some perennials are still blooming, but no longer bountiful and juicy; they have smaller, triumphant blooms like the daylily (Stella D’Oro) and yellow cone flower (Cleopatra) below.  Other blooms have lasted many weeks, and are now antiqued like this billowy hydrangea.  The sun faded coneflowers are blush mauve with spiky, rusty domes.  The aging petals of rudbeckia are curling around their melting chocolate centers.  Frost resistant annuals, like the snapdragons in red velvet below, are strewn with fallen leaves.  These lasting blooms are no longer perfect, with a bit of brown from the cold and ragged from the wind.  I have a great love for imperfect blooms – the ‘natural-ness’ of nature.  Treasure these last sweet blooms.

Posted on October 15, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.