Misty Autumn Morns

The morning meadow has a haze of swirling fog, steaming as it is warmed by the sun.  The spicy scent of damp foliage, rotting leaves and aging blooms encourages deep satisfying breaths.  The dew hangs in heavy droplets on the grasses.  Ripe red leaves glisten in the early morn glow.  Crystal blue sky highlights the festive branches.  It all reminds me that we live in a gloriously gorgeous country.  It can be easy to forget.  Look around and notice the natural gardens with magnificent trees, native shrubs, meadows loaded with grasses and wildflowers, ferns, berries.  Nature is the spectacular garden for everyone.  And in the autumn, we Canadians are the envy of many in the world, with a colour show that is craved and never forgotten by any visitor.

Posted on October 6, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.