Chugging Along

As I walked about the garden this morn, I paused several times to enjoy gratuitous blooms on what I would consider summer, or even some spring, bloomers. These giving plants are chugging along to charm us with yet another round of spirited flowers.  It feels they are flirting with nature, flaunting their strength to keep blooming.  A foxy foxglove’s dappled cups were catching sunny rays.  Marguerite daisies and coreopsis (tickseed) glowed golden.  White clips and potentilla served up little beacons of light with final pearly blooms.  Hardy geraniums march on in a mass of breezy blue, or in singular sparkling pink.  A hollyhock flushes, and a sweet pea vine blushes.  And the roses…the roses need a post of their own!

Posted on October 2, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Perennials.