Autumn Bloomers On Parade

The stars of autumn blooming are now on parade! Helen’s flower (helenium or sneezeweed) is brandishing rust and gold.  The shade garden is brightened with bugbane’s (cimicifuga) candy scented white plumes.  Perennial sunflowers are alight with bursts of sunny yellow.  Enchanting japanese anemones dance and bob in the breeze.  Crisp and cool perennial lobelia flaunts its sparkling blue.  Against their deep green leaves, pink turtleheads blush even rosier.  Another favourite, chocolate boneset is just in bud promising its frothy white one day soon.  All in addition to the chinese lanterns, rudbeckia, russian sage, sedum, asters, goldenrod, hibiscus, and summer bloomers that carry on – makes for a September garden chock full of colour!

Posted on September 28, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Perennials.