Make Some Notes

September is a good time to edit.  Take a meander around your garden and make a few notes… Have you had succession of bloom, do you need to add spring, summer or fall bloomers?

Are there plants that are not thriving in your conditions that should be replaced with a better suited candidate?

With your plants now fully grown, gaps can be better identified than in the spring – are there any spaces that need new life?

Are there plants that have become over grown, and need to be pruned or split?

Are there areas that need colour, texture or vertical additions for contrast or interest?

September is a good time to plant perennials, so you can act on some of your editing thoughts now!  Of course, you can also add plants just because there is new beauty that you need to have.  My trip to the garden center this week brought home a vivid and velvety ‘salsa red’ coneflower, two luscious hardy hibiscus, a sultry black mondo grass, and a brilliant aralia ‘sun king’.

Little tip – when planting in September, add a jug of water to the bottom on your hole before planting the new perennial, this gives the roots some inspiration to grow deep.


Posted on September 10, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration.