Summer In September

Marketing, schools, even nature with an early crimson branch of leaves, make us feel that fall is well underway - but it is not officially fall until September 22.  The garden is full of summer bloomers giving their glorious last kick at the can.  Especially this year, when here, we’ve had a cool summer that has let the blooms last and linger.  Some of the boisterous blossoms still singing the charm of summer:  perky false dragonhead, dramatic daylilies, clouds of blue hardy geranium, red hot crocosmia, spikey gayfeather, delicate yarrow.  Many annuals, including the zinnias and calendula below, are also still gifting us with joyful colour.  So get out this weekend, hopefully get some summer sun on your face, and walk a garden for a riot of early September blooms!

Posted on September 6, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Annuals, Perennials.