Long Blooming, Brilliant Colour

The best part of blanket flower is their long blooming, brilliant colour.  The vivacious blooms have a sunny ring of golden yellow, a vivid red inside circle, then a burgundy and golden button center.  The abundant stems rise from a mound of narrow, matte, gray-green leaves.  This drought tolerant perennial likes a hot, sunny site.  It is short lived (2-3 yrs), but is good to self-seed, and is not picky on soil as long as it is on the dry side and sunny.  I have had cheerful blooms volunteer on gravel paths or even on the baked edge of our driveway.  Blanket flower also comes in varied choices of burgundy, all-yellow, tubular or multi petal, or dwarf selections.  The dwarf goblin blanket flower has a lovely mound of fat blooms close to the foliage, without the challenge of the sometimes floppy stems of the regular tall version.  Any of the selections are a solid choice for a ‘hot’ garden bed.

Technical stuff – blanket flower/gaillardia, hardy perennial to Zone 2, height of 24”-30” (dwarf varieties available) and spread of 12”-18”, prefers full sun and soil on the dry side, blooms summer to fall.

Posted on September 4, 2014 and filed under Fave perennial, Perennials.