Sweet and Satisfying

Garden phlox remind me of milkshakes – frothy, bubbly, sweet, satisfying.  Certainly their billowy, colourful blooms are just as much a part of summer.  There are two main species of phlox: garden phlox which grow tall, and creeping or ground phlox.  It is the tall garden phlox that is blooming now and into the fall.  The stiff stems with medium green foliage carry ample, jolly blooms that make delightful cut flowers.  And their enchanting fragrance is a welcome bonus!  This perennial mixes well with cone flowers, black eyed susans or yarrow to create a lively wildflower cottage garden.

Technical stuff – hardy perennial to Zone 3, most varieties height of about 36”, spread of 24”+ if happy (spreads at a medium rate), prefers moist soil, full sun and good drainage, blooms mid-summer into early fall – susceptible to mildew.


Posted on August 31, 2014 and filed under Perennials.