Interactive Garden

Pungent, spicy, aromatic...culinary herbs bring texture, depth and a whole other world of scent to the garden!  When walking my path, with thyme amongst the stepping stones, and mint mixed in the plantings, you need only slightly brush these herbs to release their fragrant rush.  Some herbs such as basil, rosemary and dill are annuals, but many herbs like sage, lavender, mint, thyme and lemon balm are perennials – just check the labels for zone information as there are many varieties.  The lavender and sage below are over 10 yrs old.  You cannot mention mint without a big warning on its invasive quality.  Mint needs a well contained bed of its own, or preferably a big pot to keep it contained.  Of course culinary herbs make one of the best container gardens.  I have herbs in pots, in the veggie garden and mixed in the perennial gardens.  For me, culinary herbs make the garden interactive: a caress of rosemary transfers my thoughts to the Mediterranean, a snack of mint or parsley awakens the palate, a leaf of lemon balm refreshes, velvety sage makes me think of holiday dinners, and dill makes me crave dips and pickles!

Posted on August 9, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Inspiration, Perennials, Annuals.