Feel The Garden Joy!

Jackmanii is the best known variety of clematis.  It is easy to grow, easy to find in greenhouses, and probably in more gardens than any other clematis.  But this does not make it common!  When my jackmanii is blooming, I become obsessed, and take many photos.  It has a simple form, with elegant four or five petal blooms.  New blooms are inverted, frosty trumpets. The petals then spread and rise in jewel tone.  It opens a deep, velvety purple with hints of violet.  Sunlight, or age of the bloom, amplify the violet.  The flower center is a miniature bloom of its own - an exploding star of filaments.  When these rich blooms hang in clusters from the rustic, gray arbour, you can feel the garden joy! For more detail on clematis, click here.


Posted on July 28, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Vines.