Bubble Buds

Carefree, air born, festive, colourful – balloons are an icon of happiness and childhood and parties.  So the balloon flower perennial is certainly part of my garden!  Each year I am again fascinated by the bubble buds that so resemble mini balloons.  And those air puff buds burst into simple, five pointed, cup blooms, with purple, blue, pink and white options.  The foliage is fairly non-descript, blending in to the perennial garden until the balloons start bobbing in the breeze and popping into playful bloom.  

Technical stuff – balloon flower/platycodon, hardy perennial, height of about 30”, spread about 12” (dwarf versions are also available), will self-seed but not aggressively so, sun or part sun, blooms mid-summer to early fall - they are late to sprout in the spring, so just give them time.

Posted on July 23, 2014 and filed under Perennials.