Raindrops And Roses

The bliss of a juicy garden after the rain!  Some blossoms – roses, lilies, daisies, geraniums - seem to drink in the moisture, holding plump water drops on their succulent petals.  Bronze fennel transforms to a lacy mass of droplets.  A brilliant poppy bends to the weight of its dewy load.  Speckles of rain drops enhance variegated sedum’s green and yellow, with an over-arching blade balancing more drops.  A barberry becomes bejeweled, and a hosta takes on a silver sheen.  A spider web on boxwood displays shining beads.  Coral bells, like little cups, hold glistening pockets.  Birdbaths are filled with glassy pools.  The garden is refreshed.

Posted on July 21, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.