White Holds Its Own

White has its role in the garden.  It punctuates colour with a wee bit of orderliness, giving the eye a chance to rest in its pearly softness.  If your time to enjoy the garden is in the evening, white blooms play a bigger role, as they capture fading light and illuminate the garden.   I was surprised as I wandered the garden just how many white blooms there were: a snowy ruffle of perennial sweet pea vine, a smattering of 'alba' rose campion, fresh and pure shasta daisies, milky white clips.  The snowball blooms of hydrangea are opening.  Brilliant hosta blooms are trumpeting.  Husker red is boisterously showing its exquisite detail.  Simple alyssum is opening to emanate its sweet scent.  Feverfew offers a dazzling spray of fair white flowers.  And the charm of a crisp white cosmos…white holds its own in the tapestry of the garden!

Posted on July 9, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Perennials.