Rainbow In The Garden

There are many plants I grow purely for the joy of their colourful blooms.  I love colour, in all shades, and am quite happy to have a riotous mix in my crazy garden.  Pops of colour add drama, surprise, and exuberance to the garden.  A few brilliant zinnias in a pot, a lush begonia bloom or a sweet shrub rose can add glorious pink.  The vibrant red and golden mix of a blanket flower can’t help but catch your eye. The hollyhock in sleek, elegant black enriches and enchants.  A drift of loosestrife in butter yellow, a simple ‘ditch lily’ in juicy orange, a spunky poppy or sunny rudbeckia, all build on the rainbow of the garden!

Posted on July 7, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Perennials, Annuals.