Spying On Carts

When I was an early gardener, I always liked to spy on the carts of other gardeners at the greenhouse, especially if they appeared confident in their choices.  Often there was opportunity to strike up conversation to learn new plants and opinions.  I still look at other peoples' carts now, it’s easy to do in the check-out line, and most gardeners are friendly sorts! Here are the contents of my cart from this week:

Turtlehead ‘hot lips’ (chelone), charming September bloomer

Hardy geranium ‘hocus pocus’ (cranesbill), unique maroon foliage

Three new coral bells (heuchera) – ‘kassandra’ in tea stained golden, ‘tropical burst’ in rosy copper, and ‘volcano’ with amber on topside and ripe red on the underside

Stonecrop ‘cherry tart’ (sedum), in bold red-purple

Loosestrife ‘golden alexander’, variegated foliage and buttercup blooms for part shade

David Austin roses, pink ‘charles darwin’ and yellow ‘jubilee celebration’

Plus astilbe, bastard balm, bowman’s root, coneflower and an aralia ‘sun king’.

What fun!  All will be finding happy new homes in the dirt today!


Posted on July 5, 2014 and filed under Perennials.