Jasmine, Grape Candy or Orange Blossom?

The gift of fragrance can be abundant in the garden.  Three of my favourite scents are dancing on the garden breeze right now:  abelia, jacob’s ladder and mock orange.  Abelia is a relative to honeysuckle so comes by its sweet scent honestly.  The softly arching branches carry clusters of perfect five petal, pale pink blooms that boisterously waft a jasmine-like bouquet.  Jacob’s ladder is a common enough perennial, but many don’t realize the fruity scent of the delicate blossoms – reminds me of grape candy!  And my beloved mock orange.  Growing up on the farm we had a big old mock orange shrub outside of our screened porch; the incredible orange blossom fragrance takes me back every time.  I am partial to the shrub version (Philadelphus lewisii ‘Blizzard’), with light green leaves that’s happy in part shade. All of these easy to care for plants can add another level of enjoyment to your garden!

Posted on June 23, 2014 and filed under Inspiration, Shrubs, Perennials.