Striking Brilliance!

Poppy buds and blooms are captivating, enthralling and absolutely joyous!  I can’t take enough photos of the bulging buds, the bursting blooms, the raucous petals open to the sun, and then the fading, dripping blossoms that leave intricate seed pods.  Oriental poppies are striking, brilliant…and an indulgence.  Their large, furry, pronged leaves have a sprawling habit that takes up real estate hard to justify in a small garden.  And after blooming, the fuzzy foliage browns as it moves into unattractive hibernation for next spring’s show.  I have tried to under plant with several perennials, with no luck as the poppy foliage has been too vigorous through the spring for other plants to coexist.  My best approach has been to plant other perennials around the poppies that grow up to surround and hide the browning foliage.  Rudbeckia or yarrow both do well to rise up and embrace the browning leaves in camouflage.  Photos above of this year’s crop, and if you missed my more detailed post on poppies, you click this link to read more!

Posted on June 16, 2014 and filed under Guidance, Fave perennial, Perennials.