Gardens Are Forgiving

There are times in the garden it is easy to get overwhelmed – need to transplant the crazy spreading ferns, get the next round of lettuce seeds in, prune back winterkill on the kerria, get containers planted, dig grass out of a bed where it snuck in, finish the new shade bed, trim the finished bulb stems, and did I mention weeding?  The list is long.  One of my favourite gardeners once told me, ‘Gardens are forgiving.’  I hold onto that comment, slow down and remember the purpose of it all – it may be to create beauty, to add life to our world, to grow food, to build solace and joy for our souls.  Long lists don’t do that, but gardens do.  Don’t be a slave to the list, get done what you can and be sure to bask in the beauty and the bounty.  Here are a few more photos of what is blooming in my garden now…. 



Posted on June 9, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.