Wafting, Wonderful Fragrance!

It is THE time of wafting, wonderful fragrance in the garden!  There are many perfumed blooms over the season that I cherish: abelia, mock orange, hyacinth, jacob’s ladder, roses, I even love marigolds.  But when the lily of the valley, lilacs and fruit trees are all in raucous bloom, fragrance hits a fever pitch!  And I have some new honeysuckle shrubs adding their sweetness to the mix this year.  Every day feels like a wedding – the jaunty bees are grooms finding the fluffy floral brides.  Plus the beauty of these blooms adds to the drunkenness of the senses - lily of the valley with the dainty white bells, lush lilacs in pale to deep mauves or fresh white, snowy plum blossoms and delicate apple blossoms.  Ahhhh, I love you spring!



Posted on May 30, 2014 and filed under Inspiration.